Flower Wreath – Bloemenkrans

Flower Wreath – Bloemenkrans

Come and make your own floral wreath. We celebrate nature inside the house by making beautiful floral wreaths. Made with real dried flowers and other plants, you will have the pleasure of discovering the creation of a small wreath that you can proudly hang in your home. All materials are included in the workshop. The workshops are in English with the possibility of translating into Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Dagen:   donderdag 2 november  |  vrijdag 3 november  |  Woensdag 1 november  |  zaterdag 4 november  |  zondag 5 november  |

Workshop informatie

Tijdstip: 14:45 & 15:45
Kosten: €25
Duur: 1 uur
Exposant: L'Atelier de Pandora
Standnummer: 07.H060
Rubriek: Bloemschikken & groendecoratie

Locatie: Workshop naast stand, kraam of paviljoen

Website: http://www.latelier-de-pandora.com/produit/flower-wreath-bloemenkrans/